Fans almost die after fighting on the road at Rally Croatia

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Two brawling men have come within seconds of death at the Rally  just ten days after Ireland's top rally driver Craig Breen died during a testing run for evDEN eve NaKLiyaT the event.
Fans were stunned to see the two fighting men spill out onto the road at Zagreb County, just seconds before a Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid came flying past at full speed.
Desperate race marshals quickly intervened, eVdEn evE NaKliYAt with one heard blowing a whistle in a potential warning sign that a rally car was closing in. They managed to clear the track only seconds before the vehicle roared through.

The incident came just 10 days after ahead of the Croatian race. Should you adored this post in addition to you want to receive more details with regards to evDEN eVE naKLiYAt i implore you to stop by our own web-page.  
This week's event went ahead in honour of the 33-year-old, eVden evE nakliYAT with several tributes taking place.

by Their brawl spilled onto the Zagreb County road with marshals furiously blowing their whistles and dragging the men off the road as one of the competing cars approached
The Toyota screams along the course just seconds after marshals managed to get the brawling spectators and themselves off the road
Rally fans were left shocked by the two men's near-death experience.
'Give it 30 more seconds and stupid would have been eradicated,' one fan posted.
'Man that could've been so bad. Good on the marshals for getting everyone off the road just in time,' posted another.
'Imagine the price a driver pays the rest of their life for hitting a spectator. And after CB's death... Shame on them,' a Craig Breen supporter posted. 
'Just what the drivers needed this weekend. Idiots brawling in the road,' added another.
Fans were quick to praise the marshal who managed to get the two brawlers off the road in time.
'She truly saved the day. How would this have turned out if her whistle malfunctioned? Scary to think,' one posted.
'Man that could've been so bad. Good on the marshals for getting everyone off the road just in time,' said another.
Irish rally car driver Craig Breen died in testing just 10 days before Rally Croatia in a heartbreaking blow to fans of the sport, his friends and family
Members of the World Rally Championship competition pay tribute with a moment of silence for Breen 
Despite the incident, the rally went on as planned, with Elfyn Evans maintaining his overnight advantage to claim victory and move joint top of the World Rally Championship standings. 
In highly emotional scenes at the finish, Evans dedicated his victory to Breen.
'It feels so insignificant now, that's the bottom line,' Evans said. 
'Obviously we've been working for this for a long time, but it's surprising how little it means just at the moment. We're back to missing our friend now after the real focus of the weekend.
'Straight away, when you come across the finish line, that's all you can think about. We promised the family we would enjoy the weekend. We've done that. I'm sure they were following us. We are definitely thinking of you.'


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